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Lauren Lowry Interior Design is a growing interior design business serving the wider San Marcos area and has been operating since 2015. Owner, Lauren Lowry is an interior designer who provides design support and expertise to investors and property owners of short-term rentals. She helps owners elevate their properties above the competition, increase their bookings, and give them the greatest ROI. Lauren and her husband, Joel, launched their first short-term rental in 2021 on the edges of Canyon Lake and will be launching their second one in the Spring of 2023. Since launching her business Lauren has worked with an array of clients ranging from private home owners, to model homes to professional offices. Since focusing her design business on serving investors of short-term rentals Lauren has worked with clients locally, out of state and abroad. In addition to interior design Lauren pastors Sozo Church in San Marcos alongside her husband and is a mother to three small children. When Lauren is not designing you can find her scouring junk shops and thrift stores for unique finds, sitting around a table laughing with friends or choreographing a dance.


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Lauren Lowry
  • Phone: (512) 618-9635

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